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oak cage plans

  1. Most hidden lines not shown for simplicity.
  2. Back panel (not fully shown), is same as front panel except for doors.
  3. Top portion is removeable and held in place with internal corner blocks (not shown).
  4. Bottom screen and tray are shown removed.
  5. Groove for hardware cloth (not shown) is typically 1/2" deep.
  6. Bottom screen has hardware cloth centered into it with three dowels installed directly below.
  7. Four corner braces above screen and four below screen are installed on the bottom screen to provide added structural support.
  8. The bottom screen back frame is tapered up on the bottom side by 1/8" to prevent tray hanging up on bottom frame when slid in.
  9. Both sides of the bottom screen are tapered upward at the rear over a 3/4" distance to meet up smoothly with the rear frame piece.
  10. Bottom of tray needs to be smooth to prevent hanging up on base of cage when slid into place.
  11. All framing is 1 1/4"x3/4" unless otherwise specified.

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